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The retro classic Asics Gel Lyte V. The sports brand Asics knows how to bring itself in the position of the leading sneaker labels by releasing absolute sneaker classics. With the release of the Asics Gel Lyte V, which was originated in the japanese Kobe by the running shoe specialist Asic, the label celebrated another revival of a retro classic. If you want to know more about sneaker from the ?land of smiles“, check our sneaker-online-shop and don’t miss the chance to order one of the best runners. Even after 20 years convincingly: The Asics Gel Lyte V. Just like the popular Gel Lyte III, the Asics Gel Lyte V convinces with its extraordinarily fit und its wearing comfort. The shoe is equipped with two independent gel-damping cushions as well as the mono-sock-system which connects the tongue and the inner lining. The shoe was introduced as a marathon shoe in 1993 and is still nowadays a sneaker we can no longer do without. In our store or shop we offer you many different versions of the Lyte V. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have questions to this or other models. We will be glad to help you!

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